[20140425] Park Ki Woong: “I gave up on drama offers for “My Heart Beats”.”



The spectrum of your filmography is very diverse. What’s the most important thing when you pick a project?

It must be fun/interesting. When I choose a project, I think first and foremost about what can make this role interesting when I play. I don’t think I can show good acting if I don’t enjoy or can’t immersed myself in the role. However, I’ve been acting for a long time and a lot of my childhood friends are directors now. Right now, I also work a lot through my network of friends. (laugh)

If so, which drama or movie left you the most vivid memory?

Among my most recent memories, it’s KBS “Bridal Mask”. The filming was such a rough time that it’s unforgettable. There was this one time I filmed for 9 days and 8 nights straight and I didn’t sleep a wink. At that time, when I was monitoring myself, I was so out of it that I even thought “so is it the acting I showed?”. It was such a busy time that there were times when I could barely shave before going back to filming.

I didn’t have one single day of rest for the last three months of filming, so it was physically and mentally hard. Ah ! I also remember my first lead role in a movie. It was for “My Friend My Tutor 2″. I can’t really look at it because I’m embarrassed when I watch it now, though. (laugh)

When it comes to acting, there must be things you feel unsatisfied with.

Most of things always feel unsatisfying. When I do something, I think “I worked this hard”, but I naturally get this feeling of unsatisfaction as time goes by. To be honest, I think it’s inspiring because feeling this way pushes me to keep improving and broaden my horizons.

You’ve worked with many actors until now. Which actor was the best match for you?

Strangely enough, I’m the kind to work really well with actors. (laugh) I got along well with Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Hyun Woo with whom I shot the movie “Secretly, Greatly” and I worked well with Joo Won on “Bridal Mask”. We still contact each other and we’re close friends. What’s funny is that the fans probably feel it too because “m/m couples” topics keep coming up on fansites or galleries.

It’s been 12 years since your debut. You changed from “CF Star Park Ki Woong” into “Actor Park Ki Woong”. How did you break this prejudice?

Time and experience, I think. Of course, I had the desire to be good at acting and I made efforts too. I think my acting came out more natural as time went by and I spent a lot of energy too. I think experience and time were my biggest help. That’s why I’m also thankful to get the public’s recognition.

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