Park Ki Woong Sweetly Confesses(?) to Jeon Hye Bin

On March 11’s broadcast of My Heart Beats, Park Ki Woong entered the room where Jeon Hye Bin was sleeping in. Waking her up, Park Ki Woong whispered, “It’s kind of awkward to say this….but I love you.”

Jeon Hye Bin let out a short laugh before replying back, “I love you too.”

The reason why the two stars greeted each other with ‘I love you’s was because of the rule at the Kwangjin Fire Station, where they were transferred to. The firefighters working there agreed that this statement should be a morning greeting. 

Source: mwave; h/t: chane019

Actor Park Ki Woong to Enlist in May!


Actor Park Ki Woong will be departing us for 21 months as he serves his mandatory military service. On February 25, the actor’s agency commented to TV Report, “Park Ki Woong will enlist on May 8. After receiving his basic training, he will be a conscripted policeman. Before, there were talks that he would be joining the Seoul Police Promotional Unit, but that is not true. He will be an ordinary…

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It looks like his official enlistment date has been set. I’d say ready those hankies, fans, but we’ve been expecting this for months now. Unlike previous reports (not that we could believe them, anyway, considering how many times his enlistment date has been reported and nothing happened), he’ll be enlisting as a non-celebrity to service as a policemen.